Sunday, August 7, 2011

2007 Montagne-Saint-Émilion

2007 Chateau Faizeau

2007 Château Faizeau Vielles Vignes, AC Montagne-Saint-Émilion

Come on now . . . people who bitch about expensive wines being overrated more often than not are the same people who've either never drunk a truly great wine, or can't afford to. There's a reason wines like Champagne and Barolo and Burgundy are expensive. I try not to complain too much, but while wines like this humbler Bordeaux are good, it can be a bit difficult to summon the same kind of enthusiasm as this.

So until I shack up with an aging billionaire heiress, this kind of wine is going to have to do. I love Faizeau, I really do, but the 2007 does nothing for me. A moody kind of wine, really awkward, and doesn't seem like it'll ever amount to anything. I still have two bottles left . . . they'll go away somewhere in the dark. But it's all good, isn't it. Because exciting wine wouldn't be exciting if it comes too easily.


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