Monday, August 8, 2011

2008 Hochheimer Domdechaney Riesling Spätlese

2008 Domdechant Werner'sches Riesling Spatlese

2008 Domdechant Werner'sches Riesling Spätlese QmP Hochheimer Domdechaney, Rheingau

No more hyperbole about German rieslings. No need for it either. These are wines of terroir, and if you don't have the urge to have that in your wine, you just won't get it. I've drunk many vintages from this producer, across many villages and vineyards. And through them all, you taste the richness of the Rheingau, the extracted acidity of riesling, and that all-important sense of minerality and slate. But there's one more element - the cellarmaster's touch. These wines are always heavier, more voluptuous on the palate. Remaining in balance, but more of a bone crushing cleaver than the razor blade's edge of Mosel.

Delicious in all kinds of ways. But the spätlesen wines are always even more so. That lovely youthful, pure fruit. Extracted minerals and acid, balanced sweetness making such an impression on the palate. Alive.

My aunt and cousin will be arriving this Wednesday. There's a particular German-styled cake made in Yokohama that I absolutely dream for. And I don't even like cake. It's been over a year, but I last ate it when we met up in Shanghai. You always trust the Japanese to copy someone else's things and actually perfect it. So, with a German/Japanese cake, I think I have the perfect bottles of old riesling to drink alongside . . .


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