Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2008 Oregon Pinot Noir

2008 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir

2008 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir, Oregon

What an American way to name a wine.

Outdoors grilling again, lots of seafood and greens on the table. A relatively inexpensive pinot noir from what the Americans like to think of as the finest New World site for the varietal. Judging from the prices some are charging, one finds it hard to argue otherwise. Price, after all, is the surest barometer of a fine wine in the 21st century.

I've been burned so many times by Oregon wines, sometimes literally. I always find it amazing that people accept 15% abv. wines as acceptable, especially those with an obvious alcohol burn. This one bucks the trend - it feels forever since I've had a truly balanced American wine. Pure varietal fruit, not much else going on, but a solid, respectable drink. Most of all, drunk outdoors in the heat, refreshing like nothing else.

Printing Really Good on the label and the cap comes off as a bit presumptuous, but the cartoon man carrying the enormous bottles is a nice touch. I like wine. I like drinking a lot of it. And I like winemakers who don't insist on nuking your liver after 2 glasses.


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