Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bodegas Argüeso San León Manzanilla

Argueso San Leon Manzanilla

Bodegas Argüeso San León Manzanilla, DO Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Jerez

I have to be honest . . . I don't understand sherry. I get that it's an absolutely unique, singular, great wine of the world, but I find it so difficult to get pleasure from sherry. Maybe it's the overwhelming aroma and flavour from the flor yeast, maybe it's that the wines are just so dry with low acid. But I wanted to give it another shot, and an afternoon long grill-fest with my aunt and cousin was the perfect opportunity.

Bottled under stelvin, and with a heavy chill, this pale wine showed a lot of minerality, and a subtle brininess, all that I look for in a Manzanilla. Very little fruit on both aroma and palate, with that definitive flor character. What I found fascinating was how it played off the grilled fish and squid we were eating. The seafood somehow made the wine sweeter, more savoury, more full on the palate. Delicious even, especially chilled on a hot day.

My aunt enjoyed this as well, saying that it tasted better and better as we ate. Definitely an eye opening sherry experience for me - I believe so much that wine belongs on the dinner table, but outside of sherry, few wines demand it. Great stuff, I'm excited, let's drink some more.


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