Sunday, August 28, 2011

grilled and boozy

Just came back from a walk. It's sort of time to wrap things up . . . my cousin leaves on Tuesday, and as far as last weekends go, it's been a good one. We had a last big barbecue last night, doing mostly fish, but also some pork chops that he likes. We found fresh sanma, which somehow are completely different than the cured pieces my aunt brought over. Lots of beer and mojitos to go along . . . and that was before we headed out downtown.

Saturday was the last night for night performances at Buskerfest. My first time even hearing of the festival, and we got there just in time to catch the last fire shows. The performance was a big letdown, but then Australians do tend to have a high opinion of themselves. The afterwards was better.

I finally went to C'est What brewpub. And yes, this actually lived up to expectations. Started with coffee porter, Neudstadt lager, a rye ale, and a weissbeer. Unique beers, with the lager probably showing the best beer character. Then, a raspberry wheat beer for my cousin, while I finally got a taste of the legendary Neudstadt 10W30. Definitely a winner, with that lovely bitter English ale flavour. Food wasn't all that exciting, but you can only do one thing really really well at once, right?

It was a good night. We had roast duck for dinner, and a bottle of Mercurey Les Varennes. Another round of mojitos in a bit, then bed. Have that minor inconvenience we call work tomorrow.


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