Friday, August 5, 2011

Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom IPA

Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom IPA

Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom India Pale Ale

There's no need, is there, to say it in full . . . IPA is more than sufficient. Because if you don't know what IPA is, you shouldn't be drinking it. I'm feeling a bit cranky. Something about losing a shitload of money today betting on RIM stock.

This is a good one though. These Ontario craft brewers are brewing the shit out of these IPA's. Just fabulous beers that are better than anything the English could ever come up with. But there's still a tipping point - beer quality, just like anything else, still hinges on balance. And that balance can be disrupted by too much hops, when that delicious bitterness gets a bit too much. Floral and fragrant and absolutely of the finest quality, but maybe punches a bit too hard.

Delicious though. For a beer with the most fucking ridiculous name . . . delicious.


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