Saturday, August 27, 2011

out on the town

The two bros at it again. We may not have the chance to drink together again for a few years, so when we see each other, I make sure we have a drink. In anticipation of his visit, I went to my friend's place to pull some wines out of the cellar a few weeks ago. Some good stuff. Lots of gems from Niagara, old rieslings, and Champagnes. And being the good Jap that he is, my cousin's a big beer drinker so I picked up a few cases of interesting Ontario IPA's for him to taste, as well as some good craft lagers and ales. He's been enjoying himself so far, especially now that my aunt's gone. We've only got a few days left, only a few days to make sure he consumes as much alcohol as safely possible.

It's been a good weekend. Friday night was an early dinner at home, then out with some friends to Toronto's Bier Markt, on the Esplanade. Some solid Belgian brews to start, de Koninck, Grimbergen Abbey Ale, and Jupiler Blond Lager. The wait was long, but my friends are awesome and got there early to grab a table as we stumbled around lost, looking for the right street. Beautiful night to be out on the patio. We (actually my cousin) did the Belgian sampler, 6 beers. Pretty much downing it himself, he gave the nod of approval to Hoegaarden and a strawberry lambic. Happy to see the tolerance, not so much for the choice in brews. Finished with a pint of Hoegaarden, while I tasted the Lost Coast Indica IPA. American craft brewers were the first to really revolutionize IPA's - Dogfish Head IPA was one of the first great beers I came across. I'm so excited to see the quality of Ontario brewers reach that level. Our IPA's can match anyone's now in character and quality.

Did a cheese platter. It was a good night, except for a brief hiccup from the TTC, which shut off its subway just a few stations from our stop, forcing us to take a 50 minute circular bus ride. We're driving tonight. Out to see Buskerfest, then some more beer. My bro is going to turn into an alcoholic. High five!


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