Friday, August 12, 2011

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Kind of just had the dinner of my life.

So my aunt and cousin arrived from Tokyo this past Wednesday. Kind of taking it easy because I had a deadline at work and needed to stay focused. But tonight was the night I've been preparing for, for the past 5 weeks. We were going to cook and eat one of the most epic ingredients I've ever had the opportunity to work with - A5 grade wagyu beef, from cattle grown in Hokkaido. Two cuts, both striploin. The greatest beef of my life, and so happy I could share a great evening with friends. More details and photos of all the epicness to follow, of course.

Working on some things. Hopefully, I'll get my shit together and organize a tasting that'll actually make the whole wine/social media thing work. My guests are staying until the end of the month, and the focus this visit is just on eating and drinking and enjoying the summer. My cousin kind of wants to see how we get down in Toronto, bar-wise, so I guess I'll have to round up some hoes and take him drinking. Just kidding. Or am I?

Is this more leisurely pace (relatively) of posting working for you guys? Cheers to 2300!


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