Friday, September 30, 2011

2005 Barolo

2005 Casetta Barolo

2005 Casetta Casa Vinicola | DOCG Barolo

I've been racking up '05 Barolo's. Delicious like nothing else, and although the pundits aren't giving this vintage much of a chance, the wines show all the Barolo character I'm looking for, with at least another decade or so to reach their peak.

When it comes to brettanomyces, I'm all for it. Only in the rarest of cases are the wines so stinky that they're rendered undrinkable - I've learned to be patient with it. This one had that characteristic waft of barnyard, and when I tasted, it was on the palate as well. Into the fridge for a night . . . I knew with air, it'd integrate and develop into something quite interesting. And so it did. Deep red in colour, showing lots of earthiness, rose petals, cherry, tar. A simple Barolo, not particularly refined, but fresh and typical. Great drinking after I got it chilled, proving that patience bears great rewards in wine. What was nearly unpalatable the night before transformed indeed into a good drink.

Love the stank.


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