Friday, September 16, 2011

2006 Twenty Mile Bench Chardonnay

2006 Le Clos Jordanne Claystone Terrace Chardonnay

Le Clos Jordanne Claystone Terrace Chardonnay | VQA Twenty Mile Bench

I have these crippling moments of self-doubt and insecurity, tinged with a whiff of depression. I get that this website doesn't mean a whole lot to my readers, and even less in the world of wine. I don't even know how meaningful it is to me. But I continue on because, well, that's how I am. Self-examination has never been a strength of mine, and besides, you're never an accurate judge of yourself.

Wine helps. Whenever I feel a certain dissatisfaction about things, a few glasses of good wine helps reminds me why I fell in love in the first place. That feeling of adventure about a wine I've never tasted before, that mystery when I pull the cork out of an old bottle. Still excites me to no end, something that I'll never lose, God willing. But what am I saying . . . we need to talk about my favourite chardonnay of the night.

Claystone Terrace Vineyard, as the name suggests, is composed of limestone, clay, and silty glacial till. The clay is heavy, bearing wines of great density and masculinity. Or so it's reputed to be. As this wine shows, the wines are incredibly elegant. Gold in colour, with a subtle bouquet that's almost a bit sappy in minerality. Citrus and lemon with just a soft kiss of oak. Ripe, but fresh and very refined. Palate shows great texture and viscosity, with the minerality showing almost earthy tones. Just an incredibly composed wine, showing elegance yet structure, freshness yet depth. Delicious, and the finest of the three. Tristemente, only one more bottle left in the cellar.


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