Thursday, September 22, 2011

2009 Mercurey Les Varennes

2009 Jean-Francois Protheau Mercurey Les Varennes

2009 Jean-Francois Protheau Les Varennes | AC Mercurey

A little boring, but simply being boring isn't a sin now, is it. Sub-$20 Burgundy is treacherous territory; a terrible place to be for pinot noir winos, one more out of budgetary necessity than anything else. Terrible. Quality can be spotty in Mercurey, and with nearly 80% of vineyards planted with pinot noir, I had settled my expectations for this bottle for what it was - simple red Burgundy, to go with the roast duck we were going to eat for dinner.

This was actually the last wine my cousin would drink in Toronto. We had opened it early in the afternoon, and after an initial taste, decided we needed to chill it down. Pure fruit, that really technical, simple pinot noir profile. Proper and all, but I want a bit more when I buy Burgundy. Too much too ask? Perhaps. But is it too demanding to want some personality, some character? At least the roast duck was absolutely delicious. Chinese deli ftw.


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