Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2009 Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

2009 Santa Barbara Winery Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills

2009 Santa Barbara Winery Pinot Noir | AVA Santa Rita Hills

Do Americans think of pinot noir and syrah as being interchangeable? Does labelling varietal really matter to these people? Someone tell me because I can't drink American wines anymore, I just can't. Tried to give it a shot, but no, unless someone else is paying, I give up.

Santa Rita Hills is supposed to be pinot noir country . . . or is it? Climate and soil is important, but all it takes is a winemaker's leaden palate to fuck it all up. I'm making generalizations of course, but please, someone show me a good, true pinot noir out of Santa Barbara county and prove me wrong. Do it, I dare you.

I set up this wine for failure by drinking it with the previous Central Otago, but still, it shouldn't have been that bad. Heavy chill as well, but so inky, so dark, jammy, sweet - all those things that stereotype American red wines as caricatures. You can't handle pinot noir as a syrah - you just end up with a wine that is unrecognizable as either. High in alcohol, jam in the mouth, sweet oak. Probably not as bad as it could have been, but this is not what true wine can be. I don't give a fuck what rhetoric American winemakers (and writers) use to justify these types of wines, but they are just undrinkable. Can't do it anymore, just can't. Wine that leaves your head spinning after two glasses? You crazy Americans.


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