Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Brewing Company Anchor Steam Beer

I guess summer is over. Shit. We've had a really nice, hot one, but somehow it always seems to end too quick. We've made a conscious effort to grill more this year, and on each occasion, starting with beer just seems the right thing to do. I can't get to work to get the charcoal going, fanning and stoking the flames, until I have something good to drink. And this was serious beer.

Anchor Brewing Company is in San Francisco, with a history going back to the gold rush in the mid 1800's. They brew a range of different beers, but this one is the only one available in Ontario, I believe. Here, check out their website. No point in me repeating what you can read for yourself.

This is their most well-known beer. A beautiful colour, malty and round in the mouth, smoky. Finishes hoppy, perfectly balanced, just delicious. North American brewers seem to be pushing the hop profile in their beers - many are successful, but like all things, balance is key. It's very satisfying indeed to drink beers that are well made, and show a more sensible character. Lovely.


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