Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hakutsuru Dai Ginjo Sake

Hakutsuru Dai Ginjo Sake

Hakutsuru Dai Ginjo Sake

One of the things I wanted to share with my aunt and cousin was what we loved to eat and drink here. The first few days, however, was all about the wagyu, aji, and sanma they brought over. This too - a bottle of Dai Ginjo sake from a producer we're actually quite familiar with here. My aunt wanted to buy me a sake, but without a clue as to where to start, the wine shop staff directed her to one of the more premium bottles. Great stuff, certainly wasn't expecting this. Bottled under screwcap, and served with the most amazing oysters and toro to begin one of the most epic dinners I've ever had the pleasure of cooking.

They arrived on a Wednesday night, and weeknights are always awkward for me. Deadlines and all that, so I wasn't in the mood to start feasting right away. And then we finally got to Friday. I had some buddies come over, who brought kushi and virginia oysters, as well as a hunk of the most amazing toro. Also, fresh from her garden, my friend's fragrant basil and mint. Basil into a green salad, mint for after dinner. Oh yes!

So, to start the meal, salad and raw seafood. If it grows together . . . you know how the rest of that goes. So what could be more perfect to drink it all with than a sake? Chilled and served in tulip glasses, so fragrant. Floral, with that delicate Dai Ginjo aroma. Slightly sweet, with a bit of spice on the palate. Simply divine with the toro. Lovely. And wait until you see what the night's main event was . . .


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