Friday, September 9, 2011

the thick cut of wagyu

DSC_9399 DSC_9447


Our wagyu dinner featured two different cuts, both off the loin. That last piece was an A5 grade cut of wagyu; this is an A4 steak. Nearly an inch and a half thick, quick dark in fact, with that amazing marbling throughout. Cooked very quickly in its own fat again, seasoned simply with sea salt. With such an exquisite protein, you certainly don't mess around and try to be fancy. Because if you can't appreciate the finest piece of beef in the world for what it is . . .

Dark, gamey almost. I cooked it rare, beautifully caramelized on the outside. Look at the video, where you see me slicing it open. Perfection on a plate. Round, intense, tender, silky; perfect in flavour and texture. Until the next time I have the opportunity to eat wagyu again . . . I'll have fond dreams of this meal.


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