Sunday, September 4, 2011

you drizzle it on the greens

Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Spanish have a saying that one shows one's bravery on the dinner table. I like that. Because sometimes what's most frightening isn't the obscene or the shocking . . . it's simply the unfamiliar.

This was a good test to see what kind of eaters my aunt and cousin were. They hardly eat grilled food, and never at home. So, simple grilled vegetables, dressed off the heat with sea salt, pepper, and the most amazing Columela extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Bitter, vegetal, green, and raw, as delicious as olive oil can be. And they loved it. My aunt knows the trick about eating asparagus. We were warned to arm ourselves with air freshener after using the bathroom.

Lots of bravery shown around the table that night.


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