Monday, October 24, 2011

2004 Barolo Monvigliero

2004 Terre Del Barolo Monvigliero Barolo

2004 Terre Del Barolo Monvigliero | DOCG Barolo

Barolo with bottle age is an elixir. And this is still so young, but absolutely singing. I drink simply, but a few weekends ago, the sun was shining and I wanted a bottle to pick me up a bit. This bottle, from the Monvigliero vineyard, was so stunning I almost finished it myself. Generosity is fundamental trait in winos, but that afternoon, I was swooning.

I was just hit with this wretching, consuming, maddening hunger for some soppressata salami. It's just something about the quality of Barolo tannins that marries like a dream with cured meat. That initial richness of the salami, finishing slightly sharp and spicy . . . it shouldn't work, but the linearly defined tannins in Barolo wines wrap around the fat perfectly and somehow makes everything silkier, bringing out the porkiness in the meat and the fresh fruit of the wine. Beautiful.

The wine was glowing in the glass, red and ever so slightly orange at the rim. Such a young wine, but it was singing of Barolo - earthy red fruits, truffles, with a great sense of density. Develops a savoury character on the palate, finely structured, coating tannins. A sublime impression of sweetness as well. Mineral and chiselled, very fine indeed. Divine.

Almost made me not want to share.


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