Thursday, October 13, 2011

2009 Côtes du Rhône


2009 Foncalieu Les Celletes | AC Côtes du Rhône

As always, for Thanksgiving, they were looking at me to pick the wine. I'm currently neck-deep in a project at work, so spending time selecting a wine wasn't really a high priority item for me. So I decided on an old standby - a Côtes du Rhône. Shouldn't go wrong right? I wanted a simple, direct, pure wine, with good tannins and some energy. And this time, my choice was an utter failure.

I should have known when the butterfly corkscrew I was handed broke. Handle snapped right off - even the corkscrew didn't want that wine to be poured. And on a side note, if you have any fucking sense, never, ever, ever, ever buy a butterfly corkscrew. After finally managing to pull the cork . . . instant regret. Macerated, candied fruit and all that. Oops.

We'll try again next year.


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