Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2009 Rheingau Klaus Riesling Kabinett

2009 Schloss Schonborn Riesling

2009 Schloss Schönborn Klaus Riesling Kabinett | QmP Johannisberger Klaus | Rheingau

We all have to make sacrifices right. Some more than others. I'm suffering hard - don't let all the wines written about here fool you. I've been on what amounts to a wine fast for a few months now. My fault for not being born with the ability to shit gold. Oops.

But I shouldn't complain. Not when if chosen carefully, I can still find bottles hovering around $15-20 that are great unique, terroir-driven wines. Some debate going on online, among the wine geeks, about the history and importance of dry versus sweet German riesling, but in this wino's opinion, sweet German riesling is one of the lions of the wine world. I will drink and drink and drink these wines every chance I get, and I'm going to talk to everyone I can about these wines because you cannot be a true wino and not appreciate what they represent.

Opens with slight fizz, very palate in colour. Booming minerality, ripe citrus. And the palate . . . big time. It's all about the dry extract, that gives the acidity texture and presence and weight. Extraordinary. Punches pretty hard, yet seems to dance. Pacquiao in a glass. Bobbing and weaving and ever so elusive, but when it all lines up, just lights out powerful.


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