Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burberry Brit





So . . . everything was going ok today until the client dropped a bombshell on us. We're going to Montreal on Friday! I love the city - they have some good restaurants, we stay at a nice hotel, the girls are pretty. But with only 2 days notice to prepare our presentation materials, a little Montreal fling was out of the question.

At least I was going to look fly. This was my birthday gift from my mother, a little souvenir from Paris. I like the French very much. They don't so much sell you something as make sure what you're trying on is appropriate for you. If it doesn't fit right, doesn't look right, whatever . . . they'll tell you monsieur, it's not for you. As I was trying this coat on, the lady nodded as I said I loved it and would take it. Of course you will she said. I got my friend to alter the sleeves as they were a bit long, but otherwise, it fits like a dream. And I really love the material - water just seem to bead right off. It was expensive but it's an investment piece isn't it - my first, and hopefully, only trench coat I'll need for the next 15 years.

See those d-rings on the belt? They were designed to hang hand grenades off of. How badass is that . . . I've got more buttons and flaps than you plus I've got room to hang weapons.

So, the plan is to leave Toronto Thursday night for Montreal, straight from the office. Check in, hopefully before 10, then up early Friday for a day of work, before heading back on an 8 pm flight back home. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


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