Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celt Experience Bronze Crafted Ale


Celt Experience Bronze Crafted Ale

Heading to Montreal today to do a presentation for a client - we didn't know until Tuesday that it was taking place there. A non-refundable $664 for a return flight . . . yikes. Even for a last minute ticket, that's theft now, isn't it. But here's the real surprise. Our meeting got canceled this morning, the same day we were supposed to be leaving.

We brought all our luggage with us to the office, ready to leave in the afternoon. Everything, flight and hotel booked, ready to fucking rumble. So yeah, I feel fucking worked over. But that's how things are right? Have to, as they say, roll with the punches. Not upset, it's just that you get so pumped up and ready for something, only to have shit pulled out from under you. So what now? We've prepped all the materials, we're all ready . . . and we'll always be ready for whatever comes. There's never going to be a perfect situation for you, but we're making the best of everything.

I came home pretty fucking wrecked, just exhausted from the week. But you know how these things are. I'm reminded of this beer I drank a few weeks ago. Good, proper ale. Malty, hoppy flavours, well made. You just want beer to be complete, to be authentic. This delivers that. So what now? A temporary setback, just a little fart in the process, but we're prepared as ever to go hard at it. Bring it on.


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    I'm interested to speak to you regarding food-beer matching. Also you picture looks great.
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