Saturday, October 15, 2011

Duchy Originals Old Ruby Ale 1905


Duchy Originals Organic Old Ruby Ale 1905

So sad, can wring the tears out of a rock. DF is broke like it's no joke. Pockets turned inside out, cry me a river kind of way. And the most important thing lost is wine consumption. Heartbreaking isn't it.

How do we substitute? To get by when alcohol is the only cure for the blues? I guess I'll have to settle for beer. At least these next few were satisfying. Darker beers, ales and stouts as the weather gets chilly. This was a good one. Good malty character, round, slightly spicy finish. The hops come up at the end in the mouth. Nice. And just look at that head of foam.

Plus, it says organic on the label so it must be good right? Right, you yuppie pricks?


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