Monday, October 24, 2011

packaging tea is so wasteful



They always packaged TieGuanYin tea in separate little packets, but this is getting ridiculous. Another small plastic bag inside? They call it brewing 'a bag'. One packet in the teapot, good for a strong, structured brew. I just hate to see such waste. Especially because I insist on storing all my tea in clear glass containers. Tea leaves need to be scooped into the teapot, not shrink-wrapped like a fucking emergency ration. You're ruining the ritual, just ruining it.

So I guess the question is . . . does tea taste better individually wrapped? But you all know the answer already.



  1. Tie Guan Yin is so potent and fragrant, these small sachets perfectly portions the appropriate amount of leaves for one average size kettle. These aren't just regular tea leaves which can be treated by storing in a glass jar. The aroma is immediately compromised once left sitting in an open area.

    Sorry David, but isn't the proper way to tea of this calibre. Although I never seen it in a red packet before.

  2. Baby looks fresh. I hate cheap teas that come out of the packaging all dark. ROAR. Iron Godess is my favorite tea...but I have to say, I dig the vacuum pack...makes it easier for me to carry it places. It does nothing for the ritual, to be sure, but once you drink this you can't drink anything else. So it's gotta stay close. And duh, rationing fo the apocalypse? You just wait till 2012, sir. You just wait.