Wednesday, October 5, 2011

thank you Steve Jobs


I'm so sad. And I don't even know the man. But his products are a big part of my life.

Funny, how computers and phones become part of your life. But how come that's so when it comes to Apple? I've gone through my fair share of tech stuff. And I can conclusively say that nothing fits my needs as well as Apple products. They've all been winners, and while I'm hardly the type to line-up overnight for them, I can't imagine how I'd do things without my Apple gear. Electronics somehow are by nature disposable, but these are the only products I feel attached to.

Do you know the one thing worse than a fanboy? The anti-fanboy. Wait and see . . . the minute any Apple-related news comes up, the first people to comment online are not the fanboys, but the self-righteous pricks to foam at the mouth about how terrible Apple is. Much hair pulling and teeth gnashing, but really, it's all just jealousy and bitterness. With his death, these same people are the ones offering grudging concessions that Steve Jobs he was a master marketer, despite the cult he created out of mediocre products. Jealousy and bitterness.

One of my uncles says that 4S stands for 4 Steve. I think that may be pushing it a bit on the idol worship. But somehow you feel Steve Jobs' soul is in this device, as ludicrous as it may sound. Thank you Steve Jobs. From the very first Macintosh II computer I learned to use in elementary school, to those candy iMac's, to my first and second iPod's, my iPad2, my MacBook Pro, and soon, my iPhone 4S . . . thank you for never compromising and proving that tech products serve the consumer, not the other way around.


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