Sunday, October 30, 2011

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This is in no way a show of disrespect or douchebaggery on my part. But I do believe running my own website entitles me to say what the fuck I want, about whatever the fuck I want.

Immigrants, especially those from the same background, have to stick together. Our dinners always end with some kind of group shot; everyone has a laugh, and it's a good documentation of every gathering. I control the content of this website very carefully, as well as information about me floating online. Sure, there's no such thing as absolute control of your online profile . . . even the CPC struggle with that. But I know I'm extra careful when I write about or post photos of anyone else. So I was a bit puzzled when I got a curt email asking/telling me to take the photos down.

I have a problem with authority. Or rather, this unspoken generational hierarchy that the Chinese believe is cut into stone; this unyielding cultural ethos that a generation under never challenges the generation above. I chafe severely at that. Because it overrides reason and common sense. Is it a surprise that Confucius called it ancestor worship - not merely respect, not just honour, but worship. Respecting your elders is a tenet of my culture that I adhere to, but when I'm told that I need to meekly give in simply on account of my generational standing, my balls itch and tell me to do the complete opposite.

Look, I'm a reasonable person. I'm not out to make anyone feel uncomfortable, or unnecessarily trample on anyone's delicate sensibilities. It's not a big deal. But anyone who presumes to tell me what I should be doing . . . I'll take no quarter. I'll fucking nuke that bridge before I even cross it.

All with a nod and smile. Because if we can't be civilized about it all, we're no better than the savages right?


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