Saturday, November 26, 2011

2008 Maipo Valley Syrah


2008 Viña Chocalan Syrah Reserva | Maipo Valley | Chile

We just got some bad news from home, in Shanghai. A little out of it at the moment, still getting my mind straight. Things get instantly put into perspective, especially when health issues come up.

The last bottle of dinner, a Chilean syrah. I was skeptical of how good this wine was going to be. Good meaning a wine with authentic syrah character, of course. Maybe going by that definition was a bit of a lost cause, but I did enjoy it. Full of that ripe character, big and plushy tannins, some sweetness on the palate. Oak, certainly. But it was fresh, it was structured, and it remained in balance. If only, if only, there was more of that syrah spiciness, but we can't get too greedy now.


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