Friday, November 25, 2011

2009 Niagara Peninsula White Meritage

2009 Jackson Triggs Gold White Meritage

2009 Jackson Triggs Niagara Estates Gold Series White Meritage | VQA Niagara Peninsula

The second wine of our dinner, and after that Napa chardonnay, big glasses to fill. Funny how snobbery works, especially reverse snobbery. A lot of my guests refused a glass of this. They automatically assumed that the Napa wine was the expensive one, and therefore more worth drinking. Silly. The chardonnay was delicious, and a fabulous surprise, but this was the exciting one, with the most impact.

A friend brought this over. He had relatives visiting from overseas, and wanted to take them out to wine country. Guess where they went. He was kind enough to bring this over. I don't normally care much for J-T. But a sauvignon blanc/semillon wine always gets me going. Meritage, however you pronounce it, is a Bordeaux imitation. The whole concept behind calling a non-Bordeaux wine a Meritage is idiotic, but at least we're somewhat clear on what it means. I'm a big believer of sauvignon blanc based wines in Niagara, especially in the dry white Bordeaux style. Oak and sauvignon do so well together, one of the few wines that truly benefits from a blast of new oak. This one was good, not great. Some sauvignon character, some intensity, some dry extract on the palate. But just lacks more of it, more of everything. Always count on J-T to do just enough, not a bit more.

The ones who wouldn't have a drop of this bottle missed out. Would have been interesting to see the different kinds of white wines coming out of Niagara - there's certainly promise here outside of chardonnay/riesling/vidal. The acidity in the wine made it a good fit with some of the seafood we started serving - the clams, the mussels, the fish. Really need that bit of acid on the palate to clean it all out. And then we moved onto the reds . . .


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