Saturday, November 5, 2011

birthdays and keeping the head up

Today is my father's birthday. Since they're going out with their church friends for dinner, the 3 of us had a big meal last night. I wanted to get a geoduck, have it two ways, but the fishmonger wasn't cooperating. The geoducks they had clearly were half-dead, limp and completely flaccid. And with geoducks, there's no little blue pill to stiffen things up.

Quite disappointed, but what do you do. Think fast. I picked up some live striped bass, some fresh squid, and the most amazing live west coast prawn. Hotpot, to keep things simple, because sometimes with the freshest seafood, a savoury broth is all you need. Extraordinary. Prawns so sweet, perfect in texture, as was the bass. Lots of greens as well, sprouts and tofu and all that.

Wine too. Some old bottles, and a Vinsanto. Great, and for an evening at least, forgot about all the bullshit going on.


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