Friday, November 4, 2011

here's my card...


. . . which would not be possible without my dear friend PYeung. I kind of owe all this to her - she encouraged me to put up my wine writing, she came up with the name LCF, and now, she's created a logo. Look at that. Beautiful, elegant, epic . . . perfectly presenting what LCF and what DF is all about.

We brainstormed some ideas, always circling around to somehow incorporating LCF or DF into the design. We talked about some kind of wine glass circular stain design, but PYeung was set on a corkscrew. So you leave what you don't understand to the experts. Look at what the corkscrew design is contructed of, the colours, the brilliantly simple elegance.

She's such a talent and I'm proud and honoured to call her my friend. An architect by trade, if you're looking for a designer - she's accomplished in graphic design, as you can see here, as well as interior design . . . email me for how to contact her.


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