Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2000 Cariñena Gran Reserva


2000 Duque De Medina Gran Reserva | DO Cariñena

Alright, let's try this again. You of course remember the last time I chanced this bottle. But I'm a bit stubborn . . . I like banging my head against the wall (or in this case, thrashing myself with a hideous looking, wire-encased bottle). But it's all good. All for the love of wine.

A tempranillo/garnacha blend, same vintage as the corked one I returned last year . . . same wine, but why is it now $1 cheaper? But this one was a lot better. So much better. All that rusticity I love, the strawberries and vanilla from the oak that somehow works for Spanish wines. Savoury, with a coarseness on the palate that may be a flaw for some, but seen as character for the more aware. A humble country wine with personality. The only thing nonsensical about this bottle was the hideous label. Why, oh why, did someone decide that brown would be a good colour scheme??!!

Wine criticism is flawed. Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant or lying. So how can we improve it? I have an idea, and I may start trying it soon. Maybe we should be working to not only describe what we taste, but go a bit further and talk about what's missing, what would take the wine to the next level. It's certainly been done before, but I'm sure there's a better, more lucid way of doing it.


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