Sunday, December 11, 2011

2007 Riesling Auslese Haus Klosterberg


2007 Markus Molitor Riesling Auslese | QmP Haus Klosterberg | Mosel

I adore riesling like you wouldn't believe, but sometimes you've just got to tone down the rhetoric and drink it for what it is. Because sometimes it's just a simple wine, with little else to offer than sheer fruitiness/sweetness that comes off as slightly whorish. The kind of cheeky, come-hither-finger, hey big boy, kind of thing.

Markus Molitor is a well-known producer of Mosel rieslings, owning vineyard parcels seemingly everywhere: just check out the full listing of sites they own vines in. 2007, a great vintage for German wines. Good ripeness, but more importantly, that spine of just electric acidity that defines what grand riesling is. Yes, it's almost a crime to be drinking auslesen wines so young. The only way to avoid that is, well . . . would you like to supply me with wines to drink while we wait for these to mature?

Fruit, sweet, ripe, friendly. Almost a bit too friendly, like that guy who thinks he belongs with every group, but really, belongs nowhere. Soft, leaving me asking - where is the acid? And if there's no acid . . . then what's the point of it all??

P.S. | I just came back from a jaw-dropping, poem-inducing meal at a Cantonese restaurant in Markham with an old friend who seems to know every single restaurant owner in the area. Need to digest it all for a bit - photos and all that soon.


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