Sunday, December 4, 2011

adding to the collection

Riedel Vinum

I've got a thing for stems. Wine doesn't need many accessories beyond a glass and a corkscrew, but without the right stem, you can never experience a wine to its full potential. That's certainly not to say that you need a different kind of glass for each kind of wine. Don't be fooled by glassmakers who try to convince you that if you don't have a different glass matched to each varietal, you're doing it wrong. Not for a second.

I use one glass to drink all my wines. Riedel Vinum, what they label as Zinfandel/Chianti Classico/Alsace Grand Cru. Whatever, but the stem is perfect in shape, size, and weight. Bowl just perfectly formed for all wines, from dry to sweet to sparkling. Expensive (for me), but not enough that breaking one would be breaking the bank. Every year, around Christmas time, I buy a few more to replace the inevitable breakages. When you've found the right one for you, why keep looking around?

That's not to say I wouldn't like to keep adding to the collection. Stems are my obsession, and I'd like to add two more specific types. One, with a smaller more angular bowl for Champagne and Sauternes/sweet wines. And another larger one for Burgundy/Barolo. Until then, Riedel Vinum for life.


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