Friday, December 9, 2011

a day in the distillery district

Stepping back from it, those last few pieces have been a bit hateful. And like it or not, we are closing in on the holidays. Yeah, all butterflies and warm fuzziness from now on.

The office went out to Toronto's Distillery District today, to check out the Christmas Market. Fun day; rows and rows of shacks were set up along all the streets, showing everything from artisanal cheese to maple syrup, to handmade fresh wreaths. And just as we stepped out of Balzac's Coffee, the snow started coming down in big, fluffy clumps. We found the Ontario Spring Water Sake Co., perfect as I had just read somewhere about the Izumi sake being brewed. One great tasting later, I had 3 bottles in hand and already thinking of what seafood I wanted to serve with it.

On to lunch at Archeo Trattoria. Unremarkable in both food and service, but we did enjoy a bottle of Trius Sparkling Brut. Linear, focused, with some autolytic character on the palate. Great, and DVP less painful than usual on the way back. Big weekend of hard eating ahead - hotpot at a buddy's tomorrow, Cantonese restaurant on Sunday. Endless wine ready to go. DF ready to take holiday drinking on!!


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