Friday, December 23, 2011

the family dinner

First day of the holidays and we've been hit with a bombshell from Shanghai. Bad news all around. So needless to say, no one was in a celebratory mood. In lieu of gifts this year, I cooked dinner for my parents. Shopping all morning for the most amazing seafood, having started prepping the sea cucumber a week earlier already. Canned Spanish octopus, squid, and sardines. Kumamoto oysters, live abalone, savoury clams, berberechos, steamed eggs and clams, sea cucumbers and bamboo shoot. Devoured with a pair of the most amazing nonvintage rosé Champagne and Niagara rosé sparkling wine.

We're following developments very closely. There might be a situation requiring me to return to Shanghai, but we'll see. For one night at least, we remembered how fulfilling a proper family dinner can be.


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