Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's just a salad dressing!


My mother likes to put me in my place when I get a little too full of myself in the kitchen. Yeah, like, whatever. I'm all for listening and learning from people that actually know what they're doing. Not so much from those that are all bluster, little substance. She has this church friend. Nice guy, I'm sure. She says he went to culinary school and tried to convince me that I needed to follow his method for putting together a vinaigrette.

I hope he got his tuition money back.

We won't even get into how useless culinary school is. Did the great French chefs go to school for a cooking degree?! Not that I would hold this guy's background against him; after all, what's on the plate might tell another story.

I really hope he got his tuition refunded.

So at one of their church dinners, he announced to everyone that a proper vinaigrette needs soy sauce. So what do you get when you try to combine foreign flavours with each other, in what should be the simplest thing ever?? Well, the divide between geniuses and retards is but a thin line, no? A small quibble, maybe, about how to put together a salad dressing. But what could be more perfect than a simple dressing of (good) olive oil, vinegar, and sea salt? If you have an answer to that, you've got a problem.

So, no, don't put fucking soy sauce in your vinaigrette. Keep it simple. My God, keep it simple. Extra virgin olive oil, as raw as you can find, with a dash of red wine vinegar for an intense acidity, and good balsamic vinegar for depth. Sugar and salt to taste. Not so hard, is it. No need for a degree either; just some common sense and respect for ingredients.


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