Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Izumi Ontario Spring Water Sake Co.


Nama Nama | Crazy-Horse (Jaja-Uma)



Toronto's Distillery District is one of those places that really, only the locals care about. Nothing much there worth seeing; sadly, even less worth eating. The office spent a day there to check out the Christmas Market, and surprise . . . I found a place to do a tasting. Ontario sake, brewed by Japanese brewers - very eye-opening all around. A taste, and I'm instantly reminded of this home-brewed rice wine my relatives make back in Shanghai. I bought bottles of all 3 sakes we tasted.

Two of them, I took them out to dinner at a BYOB place. Amazing Cantonese food, check it out. The Nama-Nama and the Crazy-Horse, just extraordinary. That amazing rice flavour, that sweet/sour interplay that creates fireworks. You don't think of rice wine to have such impact on the palate, that amazing dry extract. Acid too. Amazing all around, with the alcohol beautifully integrated. The Genshu, what I expected to be the most textural, showed as most refined. Slightly sweet, just a gorgeous wine with our simple Shanghainese food. These are by no means traditional sakes, but show that beautiful rice character that the great Chinese brewers created. Finally a reason worth going out to the Distillery District for.


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