Monday, December 26, 2011

sweet after the savoury

Good dinner tonight, sort of what you want for the holidays. As somewhat of an adult now, long dinners, lots of wine, and conversation are the focus now. My mother issued an order this afternoon. Or rather, she simply proclaimed that I want some pastries. As most sons understand, you get your shit together and make it happen - any attempt to try to clarify what that means is a risk I'm not willing to take. So, I put some clothes on, get in the car and get out to Maxim's. As close to perfection in sweets as I can imagine, in Toronto at least. I don't care much for dessert, an afterthought in a meal, but these were sublime. And make sure the LBV port you serve is sweeter, or it all goes to shit. Wise words from a wine consultant, take heed.

Most important, and something I wanted to say earlier. Drinking and boozing and all is fun, but please, please, please . . . don't drive afterwards. If there was ever a need for a fucking slap in the face to wake us all up, we got it. My bro, my old roommate, got in a some shit about that. So please, if you've got any sense in you - please don't drink and drive. Do yourself a favour, have fun safely this holiday season.


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