Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tamanohikari Omachi Junmai Daiginjo


Tamanohikari Omachi Junmai Daiginjo | Kyoto Prefecture

Sake is complex, it's intellectual, it's all that; it is a drink for lovers of subtlety. And few sakes are as subtle as these junmai daiginjo brews. The finest sakes - there is no alcohol added, and grains of rice are polished to at least 50%. This particular example was polished to 55% . . . only 45% of the original rice grain is left, yielding an exceptionally pure and refined wine.

Delicate, fragrant, and oh so elegant. Just the slightest off-white in colour, beautiful clarity and focus. Incredibly fresh and vibrant, but what's most exciting is the texture in the mouth. Instantly gaining in richness, like a rolling cloud on the palate. Blows my mind.

Hotpot is difficult to pair wines with, because you're dealing with so many different flavours, textures . . . the dipping sauce (spicy, salty, pungent) just ratchets up the confusion. But sometimes . . . sometimes you encounter a drink that somehow both clarifies it all, and is assertive without being overbearing. Junmai daiginjo for life.


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