Thursday, January 19, 2012

cold and wet and a little miserable

It's been fairly miserable this week. Weather acting up, among other things. Look at this, we're getting foggy, muggy weather mid-January in Toronto. Like driving through a cloud. My office is only on the 4th floor, and I can't see the highway.

Last Friday's meal was a disaster. I was lazy and feeling for a one-pot meal, so I somehow got it in my mind that I'd cook spaghetti al ragù alla bolognese. We had a bottle of Niagara vidal lying around - I've been put on blast for saying this before, but if you don't know a thing about wine, DON'T BUY IT AS A GIFT!! Drives me apeshit crazy now that I owe someone a gift back for a shit bottle of wine I don't know what to do with. So, a simple meat sauce with half the bottle of wine. Only I forgot one simple, cardinal rule - don't trust a bullshit wine even for cooking. My beautiful bolognese sauce turned bitter, and all kinds of vile. Dinner shot to hell.

At least the wines were decent. And on such a foggy night, it was maybe appropriate to be drinking Barolo. I need to get serious about this whole let's replace all my Bordeaux with Barolo thing. Nebbiolo, derived from the Italian nebbia, meaning fog. And of course, a first taste of Faizeau 2009. A question of whether the producer has been doing something differently these past few vintages, because the character of the wines is totally different - but we'll ask that another time.


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