Monday, January 2, 2012

just like that


And in a flash, the holidays are all over. The usual routine is to bitch and moan about getting back to work, getting back to normal. But how come I feel so shit about it all? We've been getting better news from Shanghai . . . my grandmother's condition is stabilizing, but she's still in the hospital. My mother is returning in a few days for what looks like to be several weeks at least. What I don't understand is why suddenly everyone is telling her things she should be doing once she arrives. As if the person she'll be taking care of isn't her own mother. Don't presume to tell others to do shit that you aren't willing to do yourself. End of it all.

I was planning on catching up on some things today. Just not in the right state of mind. Depression? Maybe. Nursing a bit of a hangover from last night. I actually forgot that he opened a 4th bottle - at least I wasn't swigging from it. An interesting night, as far as New Year's Eve dinners go. Will elaborate, with photos, later.

Dammit. Been bitching about the same shit since 2009, and no end in sight.


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