Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Year

My mother's still in Shanghai, so it's not much of a celebration this year. And of course, the first day of the new year today was a shitfest. Just nothing seeming to going right, from apparently losing my keys to not bringing my workout pants to, yes, even forgetting how I write my signature.

We had a New Year's dinner this Saturday at a family friend's. I brought the wine, a pair of South Americans - an Argentinean pinot noir, and a Chilean petit verdot. Yes, a varietal petit verdot. Both pleasing, in that innocuous, unremarkable, yet drinkable, easily likeable style. And with nothing left, we (I) had to turn to Coors, the company that apparently thinks its consumers are too stupid (or hammered beyond belief) to know if the bottles are cold or not, so they slapped on a temperature by colour label. Because North Americans have the common sense of, well, no common sense actually.

Food was good. And they went into the great effort to make egg dumplings. Hideously difficult and time-consuming, but it's nice to see traditions being honoured. Finished, and laid on top of a beautiful pork soup, loaded with stuffed bean curd and bamboo shoot. Shanghai classic.


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