Thursday, January 26, 2012

a spot of Grant's


I've lived alone with my father for 3 weeks now. And I can't believe it, but I've turned into a petulant teenager again, all would you leave me ALONE/just give me TWO minutes of quiet/NO I shouldn't have to confirm something we do every single day. Petulant like I can't even help myself.

This helps. The last few drops of Grant's. Strangely, that trail of fire you feel going down your throat into the stomach has a calming effect on me. What it's not helping with is the dreaming. I don't care so much about my dreams, but I did just watch Inception. I've been having these recurring dreams that all end up the same, horrible way. I dream that I'm in school again, and it's suddenly a deadline for an exam/assignment. And I suddenly realize that because I've skipped so many classes, I don't even know that exams are coming up for 2 of my classes. My subconscious is clearly trying to tell me something.

Anyways, I got a haircut today. Suddenly realized last night that I look like an idiot immigrant. Cleaned it up, and all the products were 100% vegan!! Looking forward to tomorrow's UGC Bordeaux tasting. In fact, I'm having a glass of young Clare Valley dry riesling right now to tune up my palate. No coffee, just light tea for tomorrow, and easy on the toothpaste. As last year, and the year before, I'll have tasting notes and general impressions up. If you're going to the tasting tomorrow (in Toronto), please send me an email - let's arrange to meet up.


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