Saturday, January 28, 2012

three pints and a lamb burger

C'est What Brew/Vin Pub Restaurant is one of Toronto's hidden gems. All cozy and that, but it's so much more than just a bar, pouring some of the finest, most exciting beers in the city.

We (actually, just me) stumbled out of the UGC Bordeaux tasting excited and in the best mood. The wines were gorgeous, completely blowing me away. And since it seems that it's no longer Vintages policy to hand out paper spit cups at these tasting, I was trying to walk off 3 hours of non-stop drinking, alternating between white, red, dry and sweet wines. Hungry too. They need to bring the venue for this tasting back to the Four Seasons.

Because what else can you drink after a wine tasting than beer? And fuck me if I'm going to go for a pitcher of some bullshit, mass-produced brew. It was packed inside, so we settled at the bar first to have a round. I started with a pint of Neudstadt 10W30, just brilliance in rich, balanced, delicious brown ale.

I had the lamb burger - so satisfying. Also went on to have a pint of Railway City Dead Elephant Ale and a Big Butt Smoked Dark Ale. And I'm paying for it now, badly hungover. It was a good night, but everything after 11pm seems a bit hazy. Let me wake up, and I'll start posting my tasting notes.


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