Saturday, February 11, 2012

getting it nice and plump

Sea cucumber comes in many forms. I'd love for a chance to cook and taste one fresh, but the real prized ones, like abalone, are all dried. There are few places in Toronto to get high quality, dried sea cucumber, so yes, I'm keeping the identity of my supplier a secret. Prices increase by about 15-20% every year, so really, we don't want to be encouraging any more excitement. One of my favourite dishes for the winter, as the Shanghainese style calls for fresh bamboo shoots, which can only be found during this season.

It's much easier to prep than you'd expect. Soak it, clean it, pressure cook, then soak it some more. All it takes is some time; all the great ones do.


Rinse and soak - 0 hours


24 hours


48 hours


72 hours - clean and pressure cook


96 hours


120 hours


144 hours

Braised sea cucumber with bamboo shoot and shrimp roe


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