Monday, February 20, 2012

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So the holidays came and went, and things kind of suck again. End of December used to be a happy time, but who knows now. We drank a lot. I drank a lot. Some people might think of it as a problem, but really, if I don't drink, what else am I going to do with my money?

It's interesting - the last 2 years now, I've focused more and more on drinking more Italian wines. Barolo, any chance I can get. Really interesting whites too, like arneis and pecorino. For this year's holidays, I was forced to slash and hack wine spending with a machete, so Barolo and Barberesco were out of the question. I've always had a tricky relationship with Chianti. I want to like sangiovese, I really do. When it's done right, traditional sangiovese wines are utterly beautiful, noble expressions of something true and authentic. What's been happening (still!) is the continued bastardization of these wines, with over-extraction and over-zealous oak use. But surprise, surprise . . . most of the Chianti's we tasted the past few months have been fabulous. Delicious, with lots of character.

My mother was in Shanghai and Tokyo for nearly 7 weeks. It's been a bit rough, for everyone. But she's back now, so the house is slowly regaining some normalcy. And I can finally focus - I mean really focus - on studying for my GMAT. It's a big commitment, and to say that I underestimated the challenge would be putting it kindly.

I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.

Halfway through the first book, on basic number properties - what an integer is, what even/odd numbers are, BEDMAS rules . . . I'm just bombing each practice question. And it's not even that I'm not trying hard, I just don't know how to do this anymore. I'm so freaked out of my mind I keep snapping my pencils; now I don't have anymore pencils and I'm still getting wrong answers. A rage comic feels oddly appropriate right now, if my life didn't depend on getting a high score.

So we drink, and then drink some more. A few rieslings lined up, some old. Funny - I had planned to eat and drink all these amazing things over the holidays. All seafood. Oysters and shellfish, abalone and sea cucumber. We did manage to do most of that, at least for one evening. But sadly, we missed two items.

There were the old wines I had planned. A vintage (grower) Champagne, and a (half) bottle of 1997 Suduiraut. And of course, the most amazing, live geoduck. We've got a few more weeks left before spring - we can still make the geoduck happen. As for the wine - they've both made it so far, what's a few more months?

What's next, David, what's next? I've been getting that more from friends recently. I don't know what's next. For once, maybe someone else can do all the work and I just show up?


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