Sunday, February 26, 2012

to the king

To the king, down in one!

You know, sometimes late at night, when you feel like a real drink - scotch or something - it only feels right if you watch Casablanca as you drink. Admire the way Humphrey Bogart does that thumb/middle finger thing with his cigarette, the way he swigs his glass of bourbon . . .

Feeling like a drunkard. But as Captain Renault would say, that makes me a citizen of the world. And what kind of man is Captain Renault, you say? Well, just like any other man . . . only more so.



  1. david, i can't remember if i told you this.. but i love reading ur blog.. its informative and entertaining and not a lot of ppl can write like that.. have you considered getting advertisers on ur blog (maybe used to fund the wine)? i mean something small and not overly bearing.. anyways, just a thought.

    p.s. i miss ur dinner parties!

  2. i clearly did not read the publish button.. can u take that comment down after u've read it.

  3. aww but it's such a sweet comment, can't I keep it? improves my image :)