Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I wonder


I had a cup of tea and wondered if I was a sellout. No not even, you need something to actually sell-out from. I have no illusions about how little importance this whole thing has, but that's the whole reason to keep LCF focused, isn't it - after all, what have I got to lose? We (my friends and I) joke about money all time and how we're slaves to it but somehow it doesn't feel right when it comes to LCF.

It's counterproductive, it seems, to study this hard for GMAT, to waste so much paper, to curse so much, to tear out so much hair, only to give myself a heart attack. Not a good sign when I flip to a question and my first (and only) reaction is Fuck, I'm going to fail. Heads up, though, trying to stay positive. Going to Niagara this Friday.

Bloggers are the goddamn worst. The whole blogger/social media expert as a job description is an excuse for not having a real job. French chefs used to boot out diners who didn't show proper decorum in their dining rooms. Anyone who introduces themselves as a blogger and expects preferential treatment deserves the same. I'm tired and cranky, and apparently, a sell-out . . . that's enough nonsense for one night.


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