Sunday, March 4, 2012

skulls and ladybugs



Clearly under the influence of the lovely Miss Peng . . . his name is Eugène.

The Japanese, among many other things they do well, have a really interesting take on menswear. They do that whole WASPy, East Coast intellectual thing, but what I really admire is the importance they place on all the subtle things that don't necessarily stand out. Of course, under the pretense of being fashion-y, they also have an incredibly effete and affected interpretation of how you, and you, and you should be dressing. Am I naive (or slightly old-fashioned) for thinking that men should dress (and look) like men, and women, women?

They, however, are absolutely spot-on with the accoutrements. Simplicity is kind of key because personally, I don't think men should accessorize beyond a watch and maybe a ring. Obviously . . . no bracelet, necklace, or any dangling bits. But when work requires a suit, I really like wearing a tie clip. Keeps it all neat and tucked in, you see; it's terribly rude to be flapping out when you shake a client's hand. And when not at work, but the occasion calls for a blazer? I really, really like lapel pins. It's a personal thing, a little bit of magic below the neck, above the heart.

My mother bought these for me from Tokyo. She thinks Eugène is a bit morbid. I think he's a rockstar.