Thursday, March 1, 2012

sweets from where!?

2003 Tokaj Kereskedohaz Aszu 4 Puttonyos

2003 Tokaj Kereskedöház Tokaji Aszú 4 Puttonyos | Hungary


2009 Cotnari Grasa De Cotnari | DOCC Romania

Occasionally Vintages brings wines in that genuinely excite you, surprise you, remind you why you love wine so much. I adore sweet wines. Sweetness, with counterbalancing levels of acidity creates the most amazing sensations on the palate, and on the dinner table . . . divine. Sweet and savoury, that complexity of flavours that makes Chinese food the greatest cuisine in the world.

We started 2012 off with a bottle of Tokay. A solid, if unspectacular bottle, but surely that's not a crime. The Cotnari, though, was a complete shock. A sweet wine from a obscure (to put it kindly) varietal, from Romania? Why not. It was a fabulous wine, all minerals and lifted aromas, delicate yet showing good impact on the palate. Almost like a Mosel with the acidity levels, but showing some herbal/greenish notes to keep it all interesting. An amazing discovery for me. And who knew, from Romania of all places?!

Sweets for the sweet. I've been having a hell of time with the GMAT material. It's beating me senseless man, I'm getting turned inside out. This is all going to pay off right?


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