Sunday, April 22, 2012

baking cured fish







It's been a nice, chilled weekend. Out for drinks and all that kind of chill. There's a new Biermarkt opened up at Shops at Don Mills, but unfortunately, it was absolutely packed when we went, and no, I'm not waiting an hour for a beer.

We finished the last of these. Cured fish that my mother brought back from Tsukiji Fish Market, baked and simple and great. They don't even bother labelling the type of fish, because it's not important. It's always some kind of mackerel or other cheap fish. Curing and baking fish gives it a savouriness that is almost meaty - really something we should be doing over the grill.

I'm gonna be chilling for the next month or so, so please bear with me. I've been drinking a lot of bourbon lately, and it's been awesome. 30 more days of madness left!


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